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Sony DualShock3 SixAxis

Sony DualShock3 SixAxis.png

This is a work in progress to integrate this device into Linux. USB is working perfectly, bluetooth is progressing.

Warning: Beware of fake devices! there are some devices in the market that looks *EXACTLY* like Sony's device but behaves differently, buy only the original.


You must use kernel 3.1.0 and above, and net-wireless/bluez-22 and above.

First, configure bluetooth.

Linux Kernel Configuration:
  [*] Networking support  --->
    <M>   Bluetooth subsystem support  --->
      <M>   HIDP protocol support
  Device Drivers  --->
    Input device support  --->
      <M>   Joystick interface
      <M>   Event interface
      [*]   Miscellaneous devices  --->
        <M>   User level driver support
    [*] HID Devices  --->
      {M}   Generic HID support
      [*]     /dev/hidraw raw HID device support
      <M>   USB Human Interface Device (full HID) support
      Special HID drivers  --->
       <M> Sony PS3 controller


File: /etc/conf.d/modules
modules="${modules} uinput"


This device association is done via USB, once installing the patches, connect the device using USB, and press the Sony button until you see only one led turned on. Then you can disconnect the device and press the sony button to associate via bluetooth.


You can always test the device using the following command and move stick or press buttons:

cat /dev/input/jsX


Alon Bar-Lev


Originally written by: Alon Bar-Lev - 2011-11-17

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