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Bugzilla Kerberos

Bugzilla kerberos configuration.


Make sure kerberos integration is working, including apache configuration, see Gentoo/MIT_Kerberos_Windows_Domain, you need only apache integration *NOT* pam/nss integration.

Bugzilla Configuration

Make sure you are able to access bugzilla with kerberous configuration, although there is no integration, you should be able to use is using password authentication.

Make sure your current kerberos user exists within bugzilla and it has administrative permissions. You won't be able to use different user than the kerberos one after configuration.

Administration → Parameters → User Authentication

 auth_env_id: REMOTE_USER
 auth_env_email: REMOTE_USER
 user_info_class: ENV
 user_verify_class: DB



Alon Bar-Lev


Originally written by: Alon Bar-Lev - 2011-11-17

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