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Bluetooth Modem

Bluetooth modems are very common, especially common when cellular phone is bluetooth enabled.


First setup core bluetooth.

Linux Kernel Configuration:
  [*] Networking support  --->
    <M>   Bluetooth subsystem support  --->
      <M>   RFCOMM protocol support
      [*]     RFCOMM TTY support


File: /etc/conf.d/modules
modules="${modules} bluethooth"

Device Attach

Attach you modem as any regular device see Gentoo/Bluetooth.

Setup rfcomm

Assuming device address is 00:24:7C:2F:92:7C, add entry:

File: /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
rfcomm0 {
        bind yes;
        device 00:24:7C:2F:92:7C;
        channel 4;
        comment "My phone";

The tricky is to find the channel number, if you don't have documentation of device, simply start of 0 and increment while testing.

Restart bluetooth:

/etc/init.d/bluetooth restart


Test using net-misc/taylor-uucp

emerge net-misc/taylor-uucp

Simply enter "AT" and expect for "OK", to exit use "~." sequence.

cu -l /dev/rfcomm0
# cu -l /dev/rfcomm0 


Now you can configure ppp to be used with modem.


Alon Bar-Lev


Originally written by: Alon Bar-Lev - 2011-11-17

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